Friday, September 12, 2008

Day 1&2 (Sunday & Monday)

First gas fill-up was in Seekonk, MA. While waiting in line for rest room, I recognized the guy in front of me. It was the movie actor William Hurt. Now I can say I pissed where Hurt did...
Drove through to Ohio and pulled into a Bob Evan's Restaurant parking lot at 2:30 AM. Waited until they opened at 6 AM and had breakfast.. Got about an hour of sleep.
After getting gas in Indiana, went by Notre Dame, but did not see Larry from True Value :) But did see Golden Dome..
It was neat the way Guadeloupe automatically updated the time when we crossed each time zone.
Arrived in North Platte, NE @ about 6 PM CDST and stayed overnight in motel. Had dinner at Whiskey Creek Restaurant and has excellent steaks.

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