Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Day 24 (Tuesday)

Staying over in Brookville, PA, boring drive homeward.

Day 23 (Monday)

Began trek home.
Ended the day in Joliet, IL. Looked for Elwood and Jake, but they were not there. Probably in Joliet Prison..

Day 22 (Sunday)

Visited the famous Wall Drug Store in (guess where) Wall, SD.
Headed to Badlands National Park, SD..
Quite the views.. Terry loved the prairie dogs. They were all over the place, along with Bison.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Day 21 (Saturday)

Went to Mt. Rushmore – AWESOME – What an undertaking WOW..
Went to Custer State Park to see the Buffalo, neat sight. True Americana!!
Going to see Rushmore lighting ceremony tonight..

Day 20 (Friday)

Arrived in Keystone, SD at the EconoLodge. We have the “Jefferson Suite”, very nice..
Went to Mt. Rushmore Caves and crawled around very neat cave. If you are claustrophobic you would have a big problem.

Day 19 (Thursday)

Checked out and headed to Wyoming. Arrived in Rock Spring, WY around 5PM.
Tomorrow will head to Keystone, SD where Mount Rushmore is. 780 miles from here. Going to be long drive..

Day 18 (Wednesday)

Spent walking from casino to casino spending money. Had buffet at Paris Casino. OK but, not great.